custom envelopes in Corona

Envelopes In Your City, Envelopes Online Too

Gosh! If you are one of the nostalgic types, don’t you miss your old post-box, to say nothing of visiting the quiet old post office. Well, there are a few good and sad reasons why you don’t find such spots in your city or town where hungry stamp collectors would huddle in a corner waiting for their latest packages to arrive. And back then, nothing excited more than the smell of a manila envelope. You wonder now; does this have anything to do with the Philippines’ capital? Anyhow, custom envelopes in Corona appear to be filling the gap rather nicely indeed.

So what then are custom envelopes? Custom envelopes are not those boring pre-packed numbers you would usual find down at your newsagents. They are designed, manufactured and printed by bespoke printers at the wheel.

Custom envelopes, opened carefully with a beautifully carved letter opener, pave the forward towards nostalgia. You have yet to get to the words or prints inside of the envelope, and already you are inspired.

custom envelopes in Corona

The good news – actually, there is no sad news – is that the proverbial snail mail has had its day. May it slither along in slowness. Things are happening a lot faster down at your city printing shop. And they are happening even quicker online. In fact, the recipient of your online letter receives it in a matter of seconds.

Stamp collectors? Still a very interesting hobby to keep. Pity it is just so darn expensive. So how about this then? How about collecting manila envelopes? How about stacking up on its alternatives? A crazy thought? The writer of this online letter – which by the way can also be placed in an envelope; only it’s going to be an online envelope – thinks not.